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Digital Art Prints

A collection of digital art prints. These prints were created through a combination of photography and photo manipulation through photoshop. These prints represent the external and internal influences I had during the respective times they were created.


This piece was created while I was feeling particularly overwhelmed by the nature of choice. Many decisions lay ahead, each one bearing it's own outcome.

Embarking on one often cuts off the option of others, though the train continues moving.
Protest Posters

During the time I spent in Hong Kong, pro-democracy protests were at their peak.

Walking through the streets of Tsim Sha Tsui I'd often see the dissapearance of posters put up by protesters the day prior.

Using my camera, I took photos of over 80 ripped posters and collaged those images into one photoshop artboard.
Home Now

Upon arriving in Hong Kong, the sense of overwhelming density was un-ignorable. From the first ride in from the airport, the change of scene felt unlike anything before. I soon came to love Hong Kong's unique oversaturation.

Embracing the new life I was experiencing, I created this piece. Hong Kong will always hold a feeling of 'home' for me. Though it may be years away, I'm anxious to go back.
The Ring

Within the Tsim Sha Tsui district of Hong Kong was 'The Ring', the venue of choice for my friends and I. A spot that blended drinks, music, and games of all varieties.

This piece uses an image I took of their floor showcasing their logo, one of a boxing ring. Combining that image with a feeling my friend Sam knew all too well that one night left me with this piece.
Flower Mountain

Blending visual elements from Hong Kong's rust stains and deteriorating concrete with natural textures and shapes from Stratford, Ontario, I created this piece.

A print derived from a photo of my friend Greg.
Alloy Forrest

Taking a subway ride on the TTC, I was scouting for objects to take photos of. As I got off the train, I headed up a set of stairs in order to leave the station. As I climbed the stairs, I took interest in the macro texture of the staircase railing.

Using a single photo of the railing collaged plenty of times, I created this piece.

A commission created for 'Jack of Spades'.
Ontario Covid Protocol

A work reflecting on the province of Ontario's reaction and response to the ongoing pandemic.

A manipulation of cable wirings found in an ongoing contruction sight.

A collage created from photos taken in a place I stayed at while in Italy. Inspired by themes found within Dante's 'Paradiso 33'.
Future Myth

Revolution of our times.
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Dog eat dog.

A form created from photos of car headlights.
Emile's Cottage

Scrap from lac pemichangan.
Prismatic Natural

In and out the gutter.
The Blank Iron

Created solely from assets taken from my grandfather's garden and farm.